CybelAngel wins Slush 100


CybelAngel is the winner of the Slush 100 pitching competition after a thrilling battle of the competition whose finals were held at the Founder Stage. This is after two days and three rounds of pitching, out of the best one hundred early-stage startups selected to the competition

CybelAngel will now be offered an equity investment prize of 500 000 euros arranged by the Finnish Business Angel Network and EVLI Bank. In addition, PwC and Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co support the winner by providing their services to the value of 10 000 euros each.

CybelAngel creates Big Data solutions to solve cybersecurity issues. CybelAngel scans even the darkest of web to find data linked to a company, and creates alerts to acknowledge if some private files are being exchanged in dark marketplaces. With a team of 30 people, their business has already doubled during the past 12 months and is expected to gain 1.4 million euros in revenue in 2016.

CybelAngel gave an energetic performance at Slush stage. Among others, finding a lucrative market place and great product-market fit, having a strong deep learning element to the data and approaching security from a fresh angle, were reasons that led to the particular choice of the winner.

The selected 100 companies were chosen out of over thousand applicants by international investors. CyberAngel made its way through the first two rounds, beating ShipwalletSendBird and SketchOn Inc. in the finals.

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