Collaborative Mindset Critical For Fresh Beginnings

The digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, it is here, part of our tech ecosystem. What are some of the key factors in ensuring a...


Collaborative Mindset Critical For Fresh Beginnings
Wambui Mbesa CEO Intrasoft International, East Africa

The digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, it is here, part of our tech ecosystem. What are some of the key factors in ensuring a relevant digital transformation strategy?

A digital transformation strategic process involves various elements, the cornerstone of which are the organisational culture, the technology architecture, the decision making and finally, the process improvement and agility.

  • A digital transformation process enhances the collaboration among teams. Collaboration enables organizations to share ideas and maximises the creativity within innovation.
  • Technologies (both back-end and front-end) require seamless integration and a design focused on the customer. Future proof technologies such as cloud, microservices and open architecture are crucial in ensuring that implemented systems are reliable, always available and easily accessible.
  • Decision making refers to people who are being empowered to make decisions regardless of their seniority level. Decision making needs to be fast and data-driven, in order to keep organizations agile and adaptive.
  • Process improvement and agility are the main vehicle to assess operational infrastructure and update technologies, processes and policies that support change.

So many companies may be well within their reach to succeeding using the digital transformation, but they still remain stagnant. What, in your opinion, might hold a company back from fulfilling their digital potential?

Old fashioned or monolithic systems do not have the ability to implement microservices (and/or APIs) normally, resulting in depriving companies from achieving digital transformation. Some of the best digital strategies fail to succeed because organisations are using these obsolete systems. It is necessary for organisations to abandon outdated systems, in order to optimize their potential in this digital era.


A second reason a company may not fulfil its digital potential is simply its rigidity to change. Digital transformation requires a revolutionary mindset. Companies with people who are reluctant to change will face a lot of difficulties in achieving digital transformation.

Third, in bureaucratic organisations, where all the decisions need to be taken by the top management, agility cannot be applied as some decisions take ages before being taken. This reduces the ability to innovate and adapt rapidly to a constantly changing digital landscape.

Finally, a lack of skills or lack of relevant competencies may impede the digital transformation in any organisation. Digital transformation requires to absorb new tools, processes and technologies. Companies with highly skilled personnel are capable of moving faster, following a digital transformation agenda. However, having people with insufficient digital skills on board will inhibit the ability of any company to progress its digital transformation journey.

A lack of skills or competencies may allude to a necessary mindset or culture needed for the digital transformation. Is there a certain mindset or culture needed for digital transformation?


We believe that a revolutionary and collaborative mindset is critical, as digital transformation requires companies to be nimble, agile and adaptive. An open-to-change mindset ensures that everyone, regardless of their seniority, will adopt to all changes that come with digital transformation, while cultivating new approaches to enhance their processes and overall digital customer experience.

How is INTRASOFT playing a part in the digital transformation?

#IntrasoftPeople exemplify our Company’s values and are the core of the Company’s success, demonstrating their innovative ideas, embracing the Agile model of project deployment and adapting to emerging technologies, within a fast-paced digital world.

INTRASOFT has established an influential global presence and is a trusted partner for more than 500 organizations, providing them with IT solutions and services, in both developed and emerging markets. In Sub-Saharan Africa, we have been trusted and have deployed our core IT solutions to governments, SACCOs and banks in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia, being at the center of their digital transformation journey. It is worth mentioning that all these accomplishments took place over the past 3 years.


High customer satisfaction, long term relationships with our partners and the ability to successfully respond to our partners’ rapidly changing needs are among INTRASOFT International’s top priorities and unique selling points.

Lastly, what does INTRASOFT hope to achieve by sponsoring CIO100?

Sponsoring “CIO100 Symposium and Awards” is a great opportunity for INTRASOFT International to enhance existing relationships with partners and cooperate with technology teams across various industries in the region. The “CIO100 Awards” is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence in the IT sector, amplifying up-to-date business, technology and leadership issues.

At INTRASOFT, we continuously invest in our products with main focus on creating value to our customers and partners. This core strategy is our driving force in the digital transformation revolution we face within the African region and abroad. In this digital era, we are willing to contribute to the continents’ digital transformation and ICT innovation, by helping IT professionals shift to a new mindset, in order to accelerate growth for their organizations.

INTRASOFT International has a world-class suite of banking solutions in its product portfolio, under the brand name PROFITS®, including Core Banking and Omni Channel Solutions customized for SACCOs, MFIs and Banks in Africa. We are a proven trustworthy and reliable partner for technology solutions across Banking, Enterprise and Public sectors.

Through this partnership with CIO100, we intend to increase our network and be the partner of choice for even more CIOs and organisations. During these unprecedented days, sector players are now more than ever motivated to commence their digital transformation journeys, in order to retain their clientele. At INTRASOFT, we provide digital solutions to our partners to cope with these disruptions.





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