#CIOYearAhead: Governments warming-up for blockchain technology


Governments are now seeing the potential of blockchain technology far beyond the financial sphere.

This was said by Fernando Wangila CIO, NTSA, during the ongoing CIO The Year Ahead event held in Nairobi Kenya today.

He added that 2018 will see  the public sector geared to invest on the blockchain platform and this could  eventually change the way the Kenya Governments Functions.

He also projected that Blockchain’s influence in the public sector will be mostly behind the scenes. But the technology has the potential to bring security, efficiency, and speed to a wide range of services and processes.

However, one thing that we would be looking forward to is how the  government agencies would look into incorporating blockchain into the way they function today since its is an ecosystem whose time has come.

While Blockchain could be resistance in Kenya from the financial front, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was in the forefront to adopt the technology.

Kenya will have an electronic motor vehicle identification service where all vehicles will have an electronic sticker pasted on the windscreens detectable via use of special gadgets thereby helping root out jalopies from Kenyan roads and recovery of stolen vehicles.

NTSA’s new service running on a shared BT platform will link various State agencies from the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Police promptly alerting security officers about a vehicle’s insurance and inspection status as well as ownership.

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