#CIOYearAhead: CIO role will change from Engineer to Pioneer


CIO role is set to change from Engineer to Pioneer and BPAs will become scientists needing to combine consumption of analytics with deep understanding of how to use emerging tech.

According to Nikki Summers, Regional Director, SAGE East Africa change is inevitable and should not one not like it then they are going to like irrelevance even less.

In her though leadership presentation during the CIO Year Ahead Conference in Nairobi Kenya, she stressed the need of seamless user experience guided by analysed data.

“We cannot ignore the cloud, every single company need to increase their data on the cloud,” said Summers adding that it is time to transform the businesses.

She added that one of her key predictions will be SMAC technology, which she termed as is upsetting the domain and in turn upsetting technology developments known as the 3rd Platform  assess as high capability to disrupt Enterprise software.

“No CIO dialogue is accomplished devoid of considering influence of SMAC on industry and business as we are looking at wholesale change to the trade model. IT departments will need to offer contextually relevant experience that will support new working styles across social and mobile,” she said.

She added that the rewards of SMAC will appear very captivating forecasting future (Analytics), accessible everywhere (Mobile), everything is so easy and networked (Social), and at a very low cost (Cloud).

“SMAC pile will force more than 26% of the entire enterprise software industry income, a surge from 12% in 2012 – demonstrating in excess of $104 billion fresh income from this pile,” she added.

Cisco indicate by 2017 the amount of connected devices will be 3x higher than the population this in turn will see organisations use social mixed with analytics to provide highly tailored profiles and segments.

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