CIOs are the new COOs


The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is steadily evolving to replace that of the Chief Operations Officer (COO), due to the technological impact the CIOs have into businesses and employees.

At a panel discussing the realignment of CEOs and CIOs expectations, the C-Suite unanimously agreed that the role of the CIO is fast evolving that it would be not a surprise to have CIOs assuming the COO role going forward.

Moderating the panel was Harry Hare, the Chairman and Publisher at CIO East Africa who posed a question if the CIOs knew what the CEOs expected of them.

The panel composed of two other industry leaders, Mugo Kabati the Ceo Telkmo Kenya and Kasimu, the Head of Advisory at KPMG.

“CIOs are primarily expected to understand the business strategy and give it their best,” said Kabati adding; “They must therefore understand the business lest they cannot influence anyone.”

Mugo urged technology professionals to shift their thinking in order to influence the entire employee base.

Gerald Kasimu,   you need to have the CEOs in the loop of what is happening at the IT department. He further noted that the CIOs need to move closer and align themselves with the overall business strategy.

“Technical people need to deliberately cultivate the zeal around understanding business model,” added Kabati.


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