CIO100 Megatrends Report


As with the recent strides the digital transformation in Kenya is making, the CIO100 Megatrends report outlined the way in which different industry players are attempting to diversify and grow their image in their respective tech fields. This comes at a time, where technological advances are always on the verge of changing and evolving into something new.

Sam Gicharu, CEO at InsightWells, was at hand to say “We noted that there was an increase in the appetite for cloud computing and ERP’s”, he further went on to outline the role of SME’s, noting that SME’s are responsible to the tech uptake in cloud computing, and enterprise resource planning.

Furthermore, he noted that Africa has a 53% penetration with the next 3 years are set to record a rise in AI and big data. Essentially, it was alluded to that for businesses to operate at high tech levels, high quality data is needed.


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