CIO 100: AI as an empowerment tool

ebu Haileleul the Country Managing Director Microsoft East Africa.

Down to its core, artificial intelligence (AI) describes the advanced process for a machine to make decisions based on logic. AI has already made a global impact with the creation of conversational chatbots, self-driving cars, and recommendation systems. It is growing in its reputation among business leaders as an emerging asset to the workforce and is presently found in multiple industries, transforming the way businesses and societies operate.

The adoption of AI has helped solve a variety of problems, saving lives and paving way to a broader understanding of the various industries adopting the technology.

Speaking at the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards, Sebu Haileleul the Country Managing Director Microsoft East Africa said, “AI is not just commercial it can also be used to help people in distress. Microsoft is working to show how to help societies cover their day to day challnges like drought and floods.”

Sebu further alludes during the CIO100 symposium event at Naivasha Kenya that AI works best around three premises that include; Data, Cloud and Edge and Algorithm. He adds that Ai will transform every business and improve every life as a solution to some of the society’s fundamental challenges.

“Businesses should use technologies like AI, IoT, Machine Learning etc to improve service delivery to their clients by always leveraging on Cloud Computing. When we bring the power of Loud computing to businesses, we are able to deliver more robust services to our clients.” Sebu Haileleul

The use cases of AI so far are conversational agents like in call centres, Business processes and Intelligent apps. To get the most out of AI, the technology must be adopted in a way that is able to engage the customers, Optimize operations, Empower Employees and Transforming Products.

Microsoft Vision for AI, Sebu concluded, is A vision  of empowerment. “We aim to transform industries to empower people to transform the society at large.”

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