Checkpoint In Partnership With DGIT, Merge Forces With CIO EA For CSS

For most organisations, making the jump to the cloud is the first step of their digital transformation journey and its a proven key to thriving in the digital world. Join DGIT and Checkpoint at the virtual CSS happening on the 22nd and 23rd of October, as conversations are had and solutions are met, on how to secure businesses migration to the cloud. #CSS


2020 has been a year of momentous highs, and downtrodden lows. A lot of organisations are just about scraping through their financial quarters. However, big wins have been a common occurrence for cloud computing providers who are reaching new heights. The adoption of cloud services is continuing to soar because of the pandemic.

To get an idea of just how ubiquitous cloud has become, think of a single company today that is not on the internet? (Albeit your uncle’s grocery business)

Cloud has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last decade. Cloud-first is a revolution that is sweeping across the globe.the cloud will save you money by cutting costs of setting up server rooms, data centers and hiring an IT department. It gives you the reliability, throughput, redundancy, and availability as part of the contract.

As cloud continues to be the platform to help organisations scale, there is some thinking lurking in the shadows. That is the narrative of security. Cloud security and data encryption have come a long way. Cloud has had its share of data breaches in the past. Today, the security landscape on the cloud has evolved. Data on the cloud is oftentimes more secure than data on-premise.

Enter Checkpoint. Checkpoint understands that this new infrastructure is also presenting businesses with a unique set of security challenges. Their cloud security protects assets in the cloud from the most sophisticated threats with dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks.

DGIT, on the other hand, is a specialist supplier of software and services to digital and communications service providers, using cutting-edge technology to create intuitive, dynamic and highly customisable solutions for the modern digital marketplace.

The key word emerging being dynamic. As far as dynamism goes, it is the only abstract that can encompass the the energy of the strides needed, in order to secure organisations’ journey to the cloud.

Another aspect of dynamism is CIO EA’s virtual events. Having continued to create an environment for making new connections, the Cloud and Security summit, with visionary speakers at the nexus of new technologies and cyber security solutions purposes to share their insights and demonstrate their ability to safeguard customer data.

From new applications being consistently added to networks to employees taking access control shortcuts and credentials being compromised, it is clear that there are endless vulnerabilities to detect and manage.

Join the information security industry experts as they discuss strategies, tools and solutions to ensure your organisation is secure.

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