Chainworks and Compulynx partner to streamline access, process of Blockchain adoption in Africa

Rohit Tandon, Founder and CEO of Chainworks Inc.

Chainworks Inc and Compulynx recently announced a strategic partnership between the two tech companies to bring innovative solutions and applications through Blockchain technology. The collaboration is a joint venture named Chainworks Africa which will promote Blockchain technology and solutions in the African region.

The alliance will take advantage of Chainworks’ deep expertise in Blockchain solutions and Compulynx’s strong footing and understanding of the African region to endorse Blockchain applications and designs that benefit African economies.

Rohit Tandon, Founder and CEO of Chainworks Inc. said “We believe after the wireless and mobility revolution, Blockchain is going to provide a massive leapfrog to African economies. Chainworks already has significant traction in Africa, and it was a natural progression for us to establish a local footprint. We are excited to partner with Compulynx, an established IT leader in the region, to launch Chainworks Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya,”

“Chainworks Africa will be focused on bringing tried and tested enterprise use cases of Blockchain based Trust, Verification and Transparency, Digital Identity, Supply Chain, Lending, Enterprise Tokens from its global customer base for unravelling the use cases for its African customers from various industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Insurance etc. In the Public sector, the Blockchain can be an effective tool for government to prevent leakages in subsidy and distribution, improve data transparency and security around government records, identity management and in general record keeping and inter-agency shared ledgers,” added Tandon.

Blockchain has a huge potential in Africa and more so positioned to make an economic and social impact on the African region. Titled “The African Blockchain Report 2018”, the report notes that innovation is on the rise across Africa especially in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. These are “among the countries taking the lead in blockchain experimentation.” Chainworks Africa is looking to expand upon this broader vision for the African region and will explore the potential use cases and enable to tighten the grip on application of Blockchain technology.

We are finding ourselves in an exciting time where Blockchain technology is disrupting the future and Chainworks Africa is electrified to be part of this innovation for a brighter Africa. I’m personally passionate about developing people. Our aim is to develop capacity locally in Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large, in blockchain technology through technical skills as well as consulting expertise.

As various governments in Africa including Kenya prepare themselves to embrace the next big thing in global technology innovation, we are taking on the mantle of gearing Africans to run this global race of enabling Private & Public-sector enterprises with Blockchain technology by providing the required Blockchain expertise and skills closer to home. To this end, we look forward to partnering Universities to help embed Blockchain as part of the ICT and business curricula.

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