Canon launches free cloud storage with the new

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Canon has made a grand announcement of a free service for the seamless transfer of images and movies direct to devices and web services.

Dubbed, this revolution in connected imagery will feature free cloud storage, automatically from Canon cameras. From professionals to enthusiasts, and those who are just getting started, this cutting-edge connectivity solution will help photographers of every level capture, connect and share images with ease.

Connected images goes beyond storage, providing users with the simplest service for managing everything from their family photos to their professional workflow. The free service places users’ images and videos sent automatically or manually in their original quality from a Wi-Fi enabled Canon camera*, in a central hub for seamless onward delivery to devices and web services including Google Drive, Flickr, and YouTube. Adobe and Google compatibility are planned to launch in June 2020.

Giving photographers the tools they need to keep up in a 5G and AI enabled world, Wi-Fi enabled Canon cameras released from 2020*, will allow users to enjoy automatic background transfer direct to when connected to the internet.

Free storage

For fail-safe image back-up that is completely card-free, photographers can simply connect their Canon camera and enjoy free cloud storage for all their media, including raw images and 4K movies, for 30 days. Perfect for snap-happy photography, this gives them ample time to download to devices and transfer to their favourite services. Social media sized copies of all images are created and stored in a personal library, while users can enjoy 10GB of long term storage for their most important images and movies.

Fuss-free file management

Simple and intuitive, convenience lies at the heart of By installing the dedicated PC software downloader for, photographers can quickly download images from their Canon camera direct from this hub. This process will be automated for Wi-Fi enabled Canon cameras released from 2020, for even simpler file management. Canon users can also easily sort images and enjoy hassle-free sharing direct to their favourite social media channels or email contacts.

Following its launch in early April, will make the automatic transfer of images to users’ accounts on services such as Google Drive possible. From June 2020, will expand both its partnership with Google to include original quality back-up with Google Photos via Google One, a membership plan for extended storage, and its partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud (membership plan). In addition to automatic transfer of images and the ability to edit images in their original quality on partnered services and applications, will make it easier for users to store and share their images. promises a revolution in connected images and movies. Giving photographers the best start for their images, this free service will transform how they store, process and share photos, with exciting plans for regular upgrades to support their creativity.

  • The CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Online Album Service will end operation from mid-March 2020, and will be a successor to the service from early April 2020. From the beginning of the data migration period until its completion, users will not be able to access any image files or albums already uploaded to the service
  • will replace CANON iMAGE GATEWAY in most existing cameras***, with compatibility being built into future Wi-Fi enabled cameras
  • Please be aware that customers will not have access to their Canon Image Gateway account and its data during the service transition period from mid-March 2020
  • During the service transition period, the web service image transmission function on our Wi-Fi enabled cameras will be disabled. After the launch of the new service, once users accept the new Terms of Use and reset the transmission function, it will be available again. Detailed information on how to reset the web service image transmission function in the upgraded service will be available from the service website.
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  1. Unfortunatelly we are more and more forced into paid subscriptions. Some months ago, there was a myriad of free storage services like Copy, Surdoc, MEOCloud, LG Storage, and so on… Then, one by one, these services started to stop its activities (MEOCloud didn’t stop, but limited the use for Portuguese users). I Still use Mega, Dropbox, pCloud, Yandex, Degoo (to backup a folder of my PC), Hubic, BOX, MediaFire, Amazon Cloud Drive and Asus Webstorage for free. But as I can’t neither complain nor get surprised if the above mentioned companies shut down their free storage services, I had to sign up for a 100 GB Google Drive account for USD 1.99/mo and I got a 1-year-free 1 TB account at MS Onedrive because I bought an Office 360 subscription. P.S.: I felt particularly upset about LG Cloud Drive because it was the one cloud software available in my smart tv. But, life goes on. Now, I must focus on my Google Drive and OneDrive. I still use the other existing services, but only in rare cases.


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