CA issues fresh alert on Wangiri fraud amid resurgence reports


The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has issued a fresh warning on the resurgence of an international phone calls scam dubbed “Wangiri fraud”.

The scam was first reported in Kenya earlier this year in January has since made a comeback in Kenya with confirmations from various platforms including social media.

“In the exercise of its consumer protection mandate in the ICT sector, CA is advising the public to beware and not to call back any international number that you don’t recognize. If you happen to already be a victim, report the number to your service provider so that they can block the numbers. This stops other users form becoming victims,” said Francis Wangusi, Director General, CA.

Victims of the scam receive very brief or missed calls from unknown international numbers. The scheme is designed to lure phone users to returning the “urgent” international calls upon which they are unknowingly redirected to premium numbers that drain their airtime.

“Most of the calls are reported to bear the following international dial codes:  +41 (Switzerland), +963 (Syria), +252 (Somalia) and +37 (Latvia) among others. The scammers purchase the phone numbers used in the scam from the Dark Web known for buying and selling illegal goods and services,” he added.

The longer the victims stay on the line the more they lose to the scammers with post –paid subscribers losing more as their billing is at the end of the month.


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