Bwala seeks funding following its entry into Africa Smart Mobility challenge

Kennedy Nyabwala, CEO Bwala Africa

Bwala Africa , a lastmile logistics company, is officially opening its series A round to investors after securing a deal with a leading tech firm based in Europe to assist in development and deployment of various tech platforms (shipping Apps and mobile web ) to enable the company scale its Apps capacity.

Bwala has been using an in house App for its last mile activity , however this has limited their ability to scale their operations .

“We have made over 100,000  lastmile order fulfilments and with our new Apps which should go live by January 2020, we will be able to reach areas and regions without necessary having a brick and motar office,” said Kennedy Nyabwala, CEO Bwala Africa.

This means that once published, one becomes a Bwala shipping agent by collecting orders for fulfilments or being a full time delivery agent who gets orders on a daily basis for lastmile deliveries. Bwala currently does 700 to 850 shipments on a daily basis with its clients ranging from e-commerce companies , manufacturers and retailers.

“With our new tech investment , we will be able to sustain over 10,000 + transactions at any given time without having any challenges or downtime. The tech investment will definitely have an impact on the commercial growth and this automatically also doubles the market valuation so it comes at the right time and we are very privileged to work with our partners” added Nyabwala.

In June this year , Bwala was unanimously voted as the best startup at the Finnovation awards held in Nairobi, the logistics company has also been selected for this year’s Bosch – Founders factory smart mobility accelerator program that will be held on the 5th of November 2019 in Johannesburg.

Bwala is currently sourcing funds to expand operations and hire top talented individuals from all over the world to work with, their main focus being how to make 6000 to 8000 drops per day and have over 2000 agents in Kenya to assist in the placement of orders and recruitment of new lastmile partners. They are currently in talks with various VC / PE firms.


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