Business Profitability Built Through Software

Software is the silver lining in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Does well thought out and intricate software mean profitability? If so, how? #CIOAwardsEA


Software is the driving force behind the latest revolution encompassing the world. This revolution, is driven by something the eye cannot see, but it can register it. You probably guessed it, the data revolution. The data revolution is the vehicle paving new roads for blisteringly agile innovation to follow through, in the driving seat of this vehicle, is software. Software is an easy way to make your company more productive, hence increasing profits.

Software is often heralded as tech language that cannot be easily understood. This is not the case, Whether it’s integrating your processes, enhancing your marketing abilities, better managing receivables or improving supply chain management, the right technology can dramatically improve how you run your business.

“Through software, we can seamlessly move virtual machines allowing the deployment of modern applications” explained Ian Jensen Van Rensburg, the VMWare Lead Technologist and Sr SE Manager. This gave a clear picture into the understanding that the purpose of modern business software in a company should be more than mere accounting registration of a transaction. However, many companies are not used to the concept yet and prefer to conduct all work processes manually.

Modern business software should be selected based on whether it can offer the company reasonable added value, such as the optimisation of inventory, automatic management of customer communication, or flexible integration with new sales channels, including online shops. “Private data centres can bring together an IT developer and IT operator deploying modern software in your systems” Reaffirms Van Rensburg.

As mentioned earlier, every company today is striving to become a tech company. That is because, they are slowly coming to the realisation that they can strike oil. Oil in the sense of data. Data is the oil of the digital world. It may seem that the data in the personal computer of the manager is safely protected. However, that is not the case. In addition to the theft, destruction or leakage of data, it can also be undesirably altered and the activity of the company may come to a sudden halt due to data processing failure.

“Managing and ensuring devices are secure, is about making sure that every part of software has an intrinsic security aspect” concludes Van Rensberg.

Good software allows employees to flex their creative muscles. It gives them the rights to add, alter, or delete data. An automatic log is kept for all activities. When thinking about software applications, it is critical to consider your expected growth, the viability of the vendor and the stability and functionality of the product, plus the availability of third party solutions.


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