Building a secure and sustainable cloud based business

Nyasha Mutsekwa, regional sales head at Adapt IT

In order to thrive and operate purposefully, several businesses have opted to delve into cloud based businesses. This allows for a centralized location on the internet, that stores data, to be accessible any time, anywhere, no matter the device. Colleagues and customers alike are able to interact on a regular basis, no matter where on the globe they are.

The applications, services or resources are made available to users on demand, meaning it ties into the philosophy or notion of technology being boundless. When it comes to building a secure and sustainable cloud based business, a lot is at stake. Risks as well as advantages can be attributed to this idea.

A recurring risk can be, data protection. This is because, where and how the company’s data will be stored and secured when outsourcing to a third party must be absolutely vital. Nyasha Mutsekwa, the regional sales executive at Adapt IT, speaking at the CIO100 Awards and Symposium, was at hand to say “Principles of cloud business, revolve around micro services infrastructure” before he went on to allude to how technology is changing the very fabric of businesses for several companies, “Technology changes pose a chalk to growth of small and medium enterprises”

On the topic of companies with commendable potential, Mutsekwa outlined “SME’s with minimal ICT infrastructure, and fewer constituents are able to rapidly and aggressively invest in deploying cloud capabilities.” Going to show that the benefits of cloud based business are within reach to any company willing to adapt and embrace the digital revolution.

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