Be More Open To Be More Secure

It is no doubt that Cloud computing companies need to achieve a balance between service openness and security control to promote the growth...


Be More Open To Be More Secure
Dave Funnel, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, SSA, VMWARE Making a virtual presentation at the #CIOCSS

It is no doubt that Cloud computing companies need to achieve a balance between service openness and security control to promote the growth and uptake of the cloud service business. This fact could not be reiterated better than during the Cloud and Security Summit, hosted by CIO East Africa.

Speaking about the subject ‘openness’ and security, Dave Funnel, Senior Manager, Cloud Provider Business at VMware noted that the cloud as an enabler of IT offers exponential growth of applications.

“The cloud is a fantastic platform for flexibility and growth. Now is the time to bring all your applications to the cloud,” Dave said.

He further noted that the Cloud is consumptive and it allows organisations to focus on what is important and allows for a scale up or down.


In a VMware Cloud Services Security Overview WhitePaper, the company documents that it leverages Open-SOurce VMware Cloud Services using a shared responsibility model for security.

“Trusted security in the cloud is achieved through the partnership of shared responsibilities between customers, VMware, and Amazon Web Services. This matrix of responsibility ensures a higher security model and eliminates single points of failure,” the document states in part.

Dave further noted that the Cloud is all about the security of operations and that VMWare is working with Safaricom PLC in Kenya to deliver locally, leveraging people-operated first-class infrastructure, years of service delivery, and the network people are connected to.

VMware CTO Ray O’Farrell speaking at a different engagement said, “When we look at the world of open source, it is very very powerful in its ability to produce innovation and cool ideas. But it’s not the software itself, it’s the community that builds up and is able to leverage open source.”


Ray added that one of the biggest things VMware wants to do is open up their own product APIs and build a gilt-edged opportunity for the open-source community.

“We haven’t been great at that over the years, but we’re working on getting cleaner APIs out to open-source community,” he added.

Ray was speaking to DataCenter Knowledge about how ‘Serious VMWare was about Open-Source.

Dave further added that the cloud offers many benefits, including a seamless migration experience thus encouraging organisations to consider the journey to the cloud.


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