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Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed

Microsoft has announced a data breach that affected one of its customer databases. The blog article, entitled Access Misconfiguration for Customer databases, admits that between 05...

From CIO to CEO: 10 tips for taking your career to the top

Businesses have fallen in love with aphorism, “Every company is becoming a technology company," owing to the importance of digital capabilities. Some companies are taking...

Intel reports record fourth quarter

Intel reported unexpectedly stellar fourth-quarter results on Thursday, while it continues to chart a path toward increasing wafer supply and transitioning into the first...

RS2 announces the acquisition of KALICOM Liebers Zahlungs systems

RS2 Group, a global payments processing and technology provider, announced the closing of its acquisition of KALICOM Liebers Zahlungssysteme KG, one of the most...

The key to sustaining brand relevance? Continuous transformation

A brand's long-term resiliency requires adaptability to stay in tune with consumer’s changing needs and have the confidence to adjust accordingly. Right now, we’re in...

How tech has changed the way we will travel in 2020

VFS Global’s Regional Group COO Jiten Vyas discusses how technology has revolutionised the overall travel experience by making it more streamlined and personalised. The time...

Learn how to store data in objects

Although the snooze button is probably the most commonly used button on an alarm clock, even a simple AlarmClock class needs a few more features. For...

Democratizing the optimization of AI’s arcane neural networks

We’re only a few weeks into the new year, but already we’re seeing signs that automated machine learning modeling, sometimes known as autoML, is rising...

7 tech buzzwords to cancel in 2020

More than any other industry, technology suffers from misplaced industry jargon. CIOs are battered by consultants hawking cure-all strategies and vendors pitching Swiss Army-knife...
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