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I had a pen, I became a writer. The rest, as they say, is history...

4 challenges blockchain must overcome to achieve mass appeal

When most people think about blockchain, they likely associate it with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency. But the blockchain technology introduced a decade ago...

Kenya Space Agency to lead efforts in use of Earth data to curb drought

Kenya’s newly formed Space Agency will lead the country’s work with the ground-breaking Africa Regional Data Cube to mine almost two decades of satellite imagery for crucial insights...

NIIMS mandatory registration, Huduma Namba explained

The Kenyan government has launched the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) Pilot Programme across 15 Counties. The National Management System (NIIMS) is a National...

CarePay looking at Blockchain, AI and ML to improve M-TIBA

CarePay Limited recently announced that they are looking into innovating around emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning in a bid to...

Western Union debuts new payment option for shoppers in Kenya

The Western Union Company recently unveiled a new payment option that allows customers in Kenya to pay in local currency for their purchases. The service is being...
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