Application Trend Of Li-ion In Data Centres

Li-ion technology is not one of those passing tech fads, manufacturers are working with the composition of Li-ion batteries to ensure their performance and stability, just how do these batteries stack up in data centres?


A battery’s sole purpose is to store a specific amount of energy and then release it at the right time. Whether that is to power a flashlight, or power your electric shaver, or even when you require an effective bridge to an auxiliary power source

If you ask any critical facility professionals if they are seeking an improved energy storage solution for their data centre infrastructure, the answer will be a resounding yes.

For the critical data center professional, traditional lead-acid batteries paired with uninterruptible power systems have been the regular source for providing brief operation time. Most of these same operators have witnessed the drawbacks to the lead-acid solution at one point or another. The drawbacks incorporating how traditional lead-acid batteries are often considered the ‘weak link’ in their data center’s power chain.

With strings and strings of batteries required to support a modern facility, it looks to be a disaster on the fringes of happening. Hence, it is no mystery why these batteries tend to be high maintenance, heavy, and in need of frequent replacement.

Now, in comes the hard hitting, new and revolutionary battery technology. The lithium ion batteries. They have a higher energy densities than their acid led counterparts. This fact not only saves weight, but allows the solution to be up to 70% more compact.

This means an operation can often avoid big battery room(s). Plus, the lithium ion batteries can safely operate at higher ambient temperatures without degrading allowing for a shelf life. They are designed to bring extended life, reduced weight, smaller size and greater flexibility to modern data centre providers. We are witnessing the beginnings of revolution as to what powers the worlds data.

The future looks bright for lithium-ion batteries. As far as innovation goes, the movement to a lighter, more efficient, stronger, and cheaper battery, such as the Li-ion battery, will be led by innovators.

Application Trend of Li-ion in Data Centres

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