Android Receives New And Improved Photo Editor

Artificial Intelligence makes an appearance in the new Android photo editor powered by Google.


Google has been at work lately in their devices department. Barely a day after releasing Key details behind their new flagship device lineup, the Pixel 5, they have released a new photo editor for their android devices. The photo editor is also available on Google photos, so IOS users are not completely thrust into darkness.

The editor adds machine learning-powered automatic suggestions, and improved tools for more granular manual controls to help make your photos look more crisp.

The biggest change is a new “Suggestions” tab in the photo editing menu, which will offer recommendations for edits for the specific photo you’re currently looking at, automatically adjusting things like “brightness, contrast, and portrait effects.”

As a basic start, Google is offering some simple options for suggestions, like “Enhance” and “Color Pop,” but the tech giant is assuring its market that it will continue to expand its lineup of options optimised around specific types of images (like portraits, landscapes, or sunsets) in the coming months, starting with Pixel phones. (No surprise there)

Google is also rolling out a new interface for its general editing tools, for things like brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, white point, blur, and more, making it easier for users to scroll through each option and adjust it for the image in question.


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