Microsoft sponsors Africa IoT Summit

Fares Zekri, Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist

In an effort to simplify Internet of Things management as more businesses warm-up to IoT, Microsoft Eastern Africa recently sponsored the premier Africa IoT Summit organized by CIO East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

The deliberate move by Microsoft was aimed to share insights and add value to summit delegates, organizations and by extension to government institutions who continue grapple with opportunities, which the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem stands to accord businesses and the public sector in Africa – a continent globally reckoned as the largest and perhaps the last business frontier.

According to Fares Zekri, Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist, the opportunities in IoT are endless for Africa. “This is the time to collaborate as you bring your business together in a bid to increase efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences, which automatically stand to generate new revenue streams,” he said

While making reference to a captivating Rolls Royce video that was part of his presentation, Zekri emphasized the need to control things in the IoT ecosystem by analyzing data. “Of importance in the IoT ecosystem is to deploy solutions that control, monitor and manage your things and allow you to capture real time data,” he stressed.

Already, Microsoft is offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to help companies manage their IoT efforts, which Zekri notes is an initiative of ensuring that many companies grow quickly. That means they need a service to help them not only manage the IoT devices they are starting to use but also the means to analyze the vast amounts of data they generate.

As an instrumental player in the IoT space, Microsoft has a comprehensive portfolio touching on products, services and solutions that businesses may need to make the most of IoT business opportunities across devices, cloud, analytical capabilities, and business systems lined to help institutions make informed decisions in the aviation industry, agriculture and manufacturing industries among others.


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