Ali Hussein Kicks Off The Annual KeIGF2020

Our world is going through a big bang, an information big bang. The universe in this big bang is our data systems. The universe of data is doubling every two years and quintillions of bytes of data are generated every day. Surely, this amount of data needs governance? Where is the governance in internet governance, and how does it work? #KeIGF2020


Recently, the abstract of digitisation and data driven technologies in Kenya, entered a new arena. An arena governed by the processes that impact how the Kenyan cyber space is managed. The matter of how the Internet is governed is a critical one. How we manage this precious, global resource directly impacts our economic and social opportunities far into the future.

The success of the Internet is rooted in the way it was built and able to grow: an open platform for innovation and sharing of ideas. It is this openness that has defined the Internet from the outset and has enabled it to become such a strong tool for positive change through new ideas and services that make a real difference to people all around the world.

“This years event is about human resilience and solidarity because of the pandemic” Averred Mr. Ali Hussein, Chairman at KICTANet. He brought to light how vital internet governance is for innovation in the region. Giving rise to how everyone must play a part in building policies that will protect and enhance data rights in the digital communities.

“The core guiding principles of of this event, follow a multi-stakeholder approach” he added.

In the policy world, the core of how the KeIGF 2020 is set to unfold is is talked about as the “multi-stakeholder approach.” It means that everyone who has a stake in the future of the Internet needs to have a voice in how it is being operated. A great example of this in action is set to happen today.

The way the Internet is defined reflects different perspectives, approaches, and policy interests in Kenya. The differing perspectives and policy interests is a main factor as to why the Kenya Internet Governance forum exists.



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