Airtel Presents Free Internet To Support Home Learning During Quarantine

Airtel Kenya is offering free internet access for learners and students. This comes at a time when the government has closed all schools countrywide.


Prasanta Das Sarma, the CEO of Airtel Kenya, said recently that several students are already using the service that was launched on the cusp of Kenya’s bid to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Airtel is doing this as part of its commitment to empowering the students using its technology and ensuring that students remain positively engaged in their learning process despite not being able to attend regular classroom sessions with their teachers at school in these trying times,” he said.

The move is expected to ease home learning at a time the country is grappling with economic effects of COVID-19 which has claimed more than 13,000 and infected more than 300,000.

The cases rose from seven to fifteen. 2 fatalities have been reported on the continent.

The program will enable learning through the Longhorn e-platform through which learning material can be accessed on SMS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

The newly launched program will be open until the schools are re-opened. According to the government’s directive, learning institutions remain closed indefinitely.

“This will help them continue learning while out of school, and open up a new world of opportunities for their future,” Airtel’s statement noted.

Safaricom Monday, March 16, waived fees for M-Pesa transactions below Sh1,000 in similar measures taken in light of the threat posed by COVID-19, to deepen mobile money usage and reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

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