AI eases human resource management


A common misconception attributed to AI is out of this world, science fiction technology that comes hand in hand with incomprehensible jargon that only tech savvy people would understand. In reality, this is not the case.

The utilization of simple, every day apps and programs, such as google maps, email spam filters and even the calculator is all AI. The very development of computer systems that have the ability to carry out tasks that would have previously required human intelligence is what AI is. With the advent of AI, the computer or the interface can remotely carry out its own decisions without being programmed to do so.

In March, HR practitioners from Kenya came together in Nakuru for the college of Human Resources Management (CHRM)’S summit on Artificial intelligence: Future proofing the workforce. The predominant mission at the summit was to demystify doubts and misunderstandings about AI. A seemingly intimidating concept at first, it is normal that people in the various industries look at AI as “Robots stealing our jobs”.

Crucially, this concept was reverted and Kenyan companies, especially HR departments and HR practitioners all over the country, were obliged to embrace it.

At a managerial level, AI can make one’s job much smoother and more productive. Focusing on HR, AI’s predictive analysis and automation can now allow the HR manager to easily monitor performance, increase employee satisfaction, optimize workflows, and most dramatically, improve the entire recruitment process. AI applications, such as chat bots, signify no more data entry or shifting through endless CV’s.

As modern problems require modern solutions, it is becoming increasingly evident that AI is here to stay. Human Resource has always been a paramount administrative department, it has become clear to let AI take the helm and carry out the administrative tasks such as recruitment trough video interviews, where applicants record responses to automated interview questions. This would also lead to candidate satisfaction, where applicants who reside far from the offices can be considered for positions they would not even have been able to interview for.

Furthermore, in a world as fast paced as today’s companies are more often than not, struggling to retain good talent. AI increases employee engagement in this particular perspective. In that, an algorithm is created to identify employees who may be struggling with motivation or even personal problems.  The algorithm then sends the workers personalized “nudges” to remind the worker that they are doing a good job and that their input and opinion is highly valued.

This is the literal process of using AI to increase productivity, morale of employee’s and even to retain their services. It goes out to show that the HR departments all over the world, are benefiting from utilizing AI to their advantage.

Kenyan companies, and HR practitioners countrywide are at the forefront of utilizing AI in the Kenyan work spaces and this in turn is generating more inspiration for the talent space. Therefore, actively creating new room for ideas instead of resisting them.










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