African Women in Technology conference 2019

Women attendees of the African Women in Tech Conference 2019 follow proceedings

African Women in Technology (AWIT19) Conference 2019 was recently held in Nairobi 19th and 20th July 2019 at the Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre.

The two-day summit brought together a sea of femaleness from different walks of life across the continent, all united under the theme to accelerate the digital Economy in Africa and to provide insights, ideas and tips from and to experts and novices alike.

Speaking with representatives of various tech organizations from all over Africa, the conference presented a great opportunity for women to be better versions of themselves.
Speaking at the event, Laura Chite the CEO CIO East Africa noted, “This is an opportunity to be a better version of oneself not just in the technology careers but holistically. It is worth seizing.”

The African Women in Tech event presented opportunities to grow women already in the tech space and paved way for onboarding even more women into that space.

“Being gathered in one place with women who think exactly like you and want to provide life-changing solutions has got to be the dream,” said another woman attendee of the conference.

The AWIT19 event as it was coded proven a perfect blend of women, hosting top executives, startup founders, innovators and disruptors all under one roof to provide the opportunities for learning from leading companies and leaders behind the successes.

As one of the attendees said, the knowledge gained from listening to personal experiences, best practices and solutions was priceless. Learning from some of the best minds driving Africa Tech.

At the event, women were advised to take the bull by the horns by seizing the courage to propel in the direction of their biggest goals and ambitions and not to wait for approvals from other people. Emphasis were also put on women gaining the courage to express themselves outwardly without cowing to prejudice.

The conference ended by startup pitches from different women run firms in the tech space, winners who got different awards from the sponsors of the event.

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