Time to address the six biggest cybersecurity challenges for enterprise in East Africa

Ken Kimani, Channel Manager Eset East Africa

Last year, ESET launched a suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the Enterprise segment. As the impact of cybercrime grows, it is important to understand and discuss the major security challenges faced by large businesses.

In 2018, the estimated loss to African Businesses from cybercrime was reported at $3.5bn. So, what are the major challenges large business are facing today?

Ken Kimani, Channel Manager of ESET East Africa introduces the 6 biggest cybersecurity challenges for enterprise in East Africa in a video blog available here. This blog is the first of a series that will tackle each of the 6 biggest cybersecurity challenges that enterprises face today.

Kenya is reported to have only 1700 certified cyber security professionals showing a huge skills gap for large businesses requiring these skills. Research also shows that Kenyan companies are reluctant to develop the skillsets of their security team through frequent trainings and certifications.

ESET East Africa offers free cyber security training, suitable for all skill levels. To find out more about this training, the ESET Enterprise offering and to follow the ESET East Africa blog series on the 6 Biggest Security Challenges for Enterprises, make sure to subscribe below.

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