AbegYa Health Information Desk to help cities in Africa combat COVID-19.

(R) Gilbert Mbeh, CEO of AbegYa

While self-isolation for those who have traveled to affected areas is being globally recommended, AbegYa on Monday 9th March announced the release of a new feature ‘’Health Information Desk’’ on its digital platform aimed to subscribe information desks across Africa to answer questions, educate people, and sharing up-to-date information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) via its messaging tool or call.

Founded in 2017, AbegYa is a leading Web and Mobile platform altering the services landscape by helping consumers to instantly find and connect with vetted, trusted local service providers, and the newly introduced feature (HID) Health Information Desk will make it possible for everyone in Africa major cities to instantly find, connect and talk to available specialized general health practitioners from public/private health clinics to report any suspected health case, ask questions about the virus, and seek advice.

“This new feature like other healthcare services will be accessible for free to the general public, with the only requirement being the setup and subscription of Health Information Desks managed by the subscribed public/private healthcare units’” Said AbegYa CEO.

To use the service; users are simply required to sign up on the platform, after signup, the user login and submit a service request under Health Information Desk after selecting their current city of resident – available health specialists will accept the request and the user can instantly start messaging or get on call with the specialist.

The vital role being played by technology to combat COVID-19 in Africa once again emphasizes the importance of digital technology in crisis management. While this might discriminate against those who lack the digital skills required to use a web browser or mobile app, it is, however, another signal to both the public and private sector to develop and back programs that support digital inclusion for more inclusive benefits of the digital solution in times of crisis.

It would be interesting to note that the AbegYa Health Information Desk service can be launched in any country within 72 hours.

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