WifiBooster solves bandwidth throttling problem

A portable WifiBooster device

The annoying endless buffering that slows internet speeds especially at the peak hours of the day, as we’ve all experienced at some point, mostly happens because of internet service providers (ISP) who cap internet speeds to give the best-paying customers better service by transferring some of our bandwidth to them.

Those on cheap internet plans sometimes even fail to watch Youtube, Netflix, or make a Skype call during the throttling hours. Luckily, here comes a solution. A genius hand-held device puts an end to this and many other annoying internet problems!

Dubbed; WifiBooster, the palm-sized device  has two cutting-edge Wi-Fi routers and a powerful amplifier with which it bypasses internet speed throttling.

An ex-engineer, who worked for years at one of the largest internet providers in Germany, is the brain behind this innovation. He admits to having known that people paid full price for internet services that sometimes barely works, and that internet operators had a hand in this frustrating control  process.

He then resolved to create a device that would be able to bypass ISP’s speed throttling while increasing WiFi’s range and speed around homes. He wanted to make it simple and usable to everyone, even the not tech-savvy persons.

The WifiBooster spots  existing signal, improves its characteristics and  transmits already amplified Wi-Fi through all the obstacles it meets on its way, whether  concrete walls or multiple floors. It also solves the main problem; Internet providers slowing down the speed by preventing data usage reports from reaching ISPs in the first place.

There’s probably no need to say that it makes the speed throttling not even possible! It provides a much faster and stronger internet connection at any time and any corner of the house without additional costs and brings noticeable results almost immediately.

WifiBooster got acknowledgement from an expert magazine for being the device with the best reception  ever tried, that not only boosts slow internet connections but also improves already fast Wi-Fi by making it even better.

Its main features of include;

  • Working with any internet router or brand
  • Using the frequency of 2.4Ghz
  • Transferring rate of up to 300Mbps, equipped for all applications LAN RJ45 connection
  • Easy to set up
  • Energy-efficient and low-radiation interference
  • No additional material needed to install
  • Universal applicability

What problems does WifiBooster solve?

  • Slow internet connection
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal after leaving the room
  • Bad quality of video calls
  • Wi-Fi dead spots around your house
  • Endless buffering
  • Thick walls that weakens the signal
  • Insufficient download and upload times

The major cause of the aforementioned buffering situation is usually the cheap Wi-Fi router boxes as sold by internet service providers.

Thick house walls prevent that already weak signal from spreading around in full speed, not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to connect more than one device. This results in bandwidth throttling also internet slowing that causes frustrations to internet consumers.

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