A guide to the IT leaders’ 2020 tech priorities


    Technology concerns are continuously changing based on the tools that organizations have implemented throughout the past year and the current needs of the business. As with any business operating in a rapidly changing tech environment, probability of sale and engaging with target audiences has never been more important for IT leaders.


    Expectedly, cybersecurity remains at the top of the priority list for most organisations. It is known that the core of a business today, is its cyber security aspect. The protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their software, hardware or electronic data has risen in ranks to the point where, it is impossible for a modern day IT department to function without it. Tech executives are expected to, and even raise the budget for cyber security, with more cybersecurity solutions expected to be deployed as the year progresses.

    Cloud Computing

    Majority of IT leaders are expecting their cloud computing spending to increase in 2020, which shows that organizations are either investing in new cloud tools or upgrading their current solutions. Diving deeper, we see that a commendable number of organizations have cloud solutions in place. When asked what their single most important IT project is currently, IT executives confidently say cloud computing.

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Although artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not yet widely adopted technologies, they are steadily gaining momentum in the Kenyan IT landscape. These tools are expected to play a larger role in 2020. Slowly being considered to be a disruptive technologies, meaning that they have potential to significantly alter the way businesses operate, they are being actively researched and implemented with astronomical rewards such as precision, accuracy and speed in the way tasks are performed.


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