7 IoT initiatives that successful CIOs should be driving


Ben Mann.

IoT security is no longer an issue that organizations have to embrace sometime in the future — it is here and it is now.

Decision-makers recognize the value of IoT solutions to aid in numerous functions, ranging from infrastructure and energy management to healthcare systems and enhanced customer service.

Many of the IoT solutions enable organizations to innovate their processes and provide competitive differentiation.

Deloitte predicts that in 2015 one billion wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be shipped, up 60 percent from 2014, and leading to an installed base of 2.8 billion devices .

The IoT-specific hardware (which could be a more expensive cellular modem, or a much cheaper Wi-Fi chip) is likely to be worth $10 billion, and the associated services enabled by the devices worth about $70 billion.

Insights from the Internet of Things are transforming every industry.In the 2015 CIO 100 Symposium, Ben Mann of IBM outline seven Internet of Things initiatives that Successful CIOs should be driving:

First explore how you can bring value through the Internet of Things.

As a CIO you should always find out where are the biggest operational costs, issues & risks? What new products & services could be enabled and what new business models could be enabled?

Secondly CIOs should discover the insights that are transformative and then identify the data you need to captured to power these insights.

Thirdly, encourage experimentation and innovation:

As a CIO also you should be able to as well encourage experimentation and innovation from the IT Team in your organization.

Apply Intelligent Analytics:

Through applying Intelligence AnalysisYou’ll be able to transform information into actionable insights. You’ll get a real-time view of performance across your business, speed decision making, and unlock the potential of siloed data between your enterprise applications.

CIOs should as well take advantage of Internet of Things Cloud Platforms.

With the Internet of Things, this means more data generation that needs to be stored and that’s where the cloud comes in. CIOs should be able to identify safe and reliable cloud platforms for their organizations.

Transform your ICT Center into a Profit Centre.

As a CIO you must determine how to “make some money out of this” and how to be “entrepreneurial” with the data generated as a result of the Internet of Things.The CIO must ensure that the business has “got to be able to understand what kind of data do we generate and how do we use this and what are the potential opportunities?”

Finally, Create your Internet of Things Action Plan.

As a CIO you need an IoT action Plan that gets to update you on what you need to do to keep up with what is happening in the Internet of Things space.

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