5 effective tips for a motivated tech team


A productive team is often a happy and loyal one. Empowering and motivating staff should be any top leaders number one priority. More so, in the tech industry, where good talent is hard to find and even harder to keep. In an increasingly digitally driven world, it is vital to build and maintain employee motivation.

Find below, 5 tips for keeping your tech team engaged and happy

  1. An all-inclusive decision making environment

It is important for the team members to be involved in decisions ranging from creating company strategy to future plans. This would enable the team members to feel like they are part of the company, and that the success of the company is also the teams’ success.

  1. Tailor challenges to their skill levels

The skills of individuals on the team, should align with the goals of the company. As a leader, it is critical that each team member’s capabilities can be put to the test when overcoming laid out challenges.

These challenges should always be manageable, so as to create a hook for learning new things. After all, a leader should always be able to guide subordinates.

Plus, the leader should be approachable enough to create a sense of belief in ones ability to overcome the laid out challenges. The team members tackling the challenges should be able to judge their progress immediately and have instant feedback on how they performed.

  1. Remove friction

Technology teams are predominantly motivated by a sense of purpose and as close to a frictionless environment as can be achieved. Friction comes from many sources, that is where sharing a common goal and having the means to achieve that goal make an entrance.

  1. Give out clear, consistent direction

With tech teams being no different from the rest of the organization, they need concise guidance on what the end goal is, and what will be done to get there. They need to know the bigger picture of why they are doing what they do. Tech teams thrive on concretes over superlatives, so visions need visuals, modules and numbers.

  1. Prioritize engagement and transparency

Key components of keeping tech teams motivated revolve around engagement and full transparency. It is important that team members have a shared vision towards company objectives engaged at all delves of decision making, so as to have that sense of ownership. A diverse and highly intricate set of projects is also a critical element of keeping your tech team performing at high levels. As they need to not only utilize their skills but also continuously improve/

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