4 reasons startups should consider moving their team into a co-working space


A startup’s success is dependent on a lot of things. To avoid becoming just another flash in the pan, your business idea doesn’t just have to be clever but needs to have a foundation from which it can grow and expand. For many startups that foundation is the people behind the concept. As a result, today’s startup culture places heavy emphasis on the importance of nurturing a creative company culture. What creates this culture depends on the startup, some pride themselves on allowing their employees to work remotely, while others on their vibrant and inspiring office space.

For early stage startups that cannot yet afford to take their employees on an awe-inspiring company retreat halfway across the world, or don’t yet have the money to rent their own office, co-working spaces offer a welcome opportunity for small and innovative companies to expand their minds and network. Designed with the flexibility and innovation in mind, co-working spaces cater to professionals from all walks of life, as long as they’re ready to make the most of their professional environment.

  1. Daily Inspiration

Whether or not your startup has their own office, changing your environment is an effective way to breath new life into existing ideas, or inspire completely new ones. Renting out an office at a co-working space, or simply allowing your employees to work from one is an excellent way to gain inspiration, without forfeiting a professional setting. Co-working spaces often pay special attention to design, ensuring that there are plenty of areas that meet the varied needs of their members. From breakout areas to completely silent work spaces, and designated event spaces, coworkers can shake up their daily routine and get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Expand your network

Joining a co-working space is a surefire way to expand your professional network. The majority of spaces host events multiple times per week, which more often than not open up their space to the greater community. Attending events is a great way to get to know your fellow coworkers, but also connect with potential business partners and collaborators. Space members often have the chance to present their own work, using the space to host meetups or product demos helps spread the word about your project, while also potentially generating interest from local investors.

  1. Grow your community

A number of professionals transitioning to freelance positions, or working remotely, is on the rise. Because of this, co-working spaces are home to diverse networks of professionals from all walks of life. For many startups, working with freelancers is a popular option, as they are not dependent on location and come from various backgrounds that can bring in a fresh perspective. Thanks to freelancing platforms, startups have access to highly skilled professionals, from marketing professionals, design gurus and financial experts, all from the comfort of their co-working space. As co-working space offer various meeting spaces and common areas, it’s easy to host meetings between core team members and freelance employees on a regular basis.

  1. Affordable

Co-working spaces are usually on the affordable side. Of course, this depends on what you are looking for, but rather than paying way too much for a basic office space, co-working spaces offer much more than just a room and furniture. In addition to providing the basic office amenities, co-working spaces come with an in-house manager that helps you with whatever you need. The community manager alone makes the price of rent worth it. In addition to helping you navigate the work space and often connecting members to one another that would be a good fit.

Whether you are looking for a change of scenery or in the market for a new talented team member, co-working spaces cater to flexible, creative and community-oriented work culture. It’s no surprise that these platforms are now equally as popular with startups as they are with freelancers.

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