2019 touted as the year technology will rise like the phoenix

Laura Chite, CEO, CIO East Africa speaking during the CIO Year Ahead event.

Technology has for a long time taken a backseat to other business processes in many organisations in the world, but with businesses constantly embracing ICTs, 2019 will surely be a year to watch for the possibility of technology realising its potential in most organisations.

This was said by Laura Chite, CEO, CIO East Africa during the CIO Year Ahead event being held today at the Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi, Kenya.

“For the last couple of years technology leaders have been constantly requesting for budgets so as to invest towards innovations, tasks that have proven difficult over the years as IT was seen as the ‘little backroom function’ for most organisations,” Chite said.

“2019 is the year of technology, but I like to think of it as the year of the phoenix, as IT shall rise from the ashes as technology is now seen as a core function for most businesses,” she continued.

Chite added that technology leaders have to start thinking like business leaders in order for them to have an impact in their organisations. To help tech leaders stay abreast with what is required for them in the coming year; CIO East Africa conducted a survey last year and these were the six key trends touted as the ones businesses should pay attention to in 2019:

  • Innovation
  • AI & ML
  • Digital transformation
  • 5G
  • Big data
  • Security

The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead is the annual, action-packed, immersive and interactive conference that provides CIOs and IT Business leaders in East Africa practical ways to lead digital transformation and future-proof their organisations.

It is one of the several events organized by CIO East Africa and are designed to create lasting dialogue on effective use of information and communications technology in modern businesses, the latest trends, key issues, the changing of economic, social, and regulatory environments affecting both the sale and use of ICT. The Year Ahead 2019 will stargaze the technology landscape in the region for the next 12 months.

Learn more about upcoming CIO East Africa events here.

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