Orange opens up its 42Mbps data network in Nairobi Dan Muhuni

August 01, 2012
Orange Modem
Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein

Integrated telecommunications service provider Orange has opened up its 42 Mbps network in Nairobi and launched a new high speed Modem. Speaking during the launch in the company headquarters on Wednesday morning in Nairobi, Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein said the new Orange internet modem willl see internet users experience faster speeds on their e-mails, social media platforms and general browsing.

"Our customers will also enjoy faster speeds on our scalable network in Nairobi. We want our customers to get value for their money as they continue to enjoy Orange data services," said Ghossein.

“The new Orange Internet Everywhere 42 Mbps modem will also automatically connect to 21 Mbps speeds while in a 3G coverage area or switch to EDGE if a user totally moves to a non 3G area and the new plug-and-play device is also compatible with varied Operating Systems,” Explained Ghossein.

Ghossein added that Orange is endlessly working on refining its data services and scaling up its network as part of their aggressive campaign of capturing the data market share.

"We now have the best broadband infrastructure in the country. This has provided us with the platform to offer better data services on this network. Moreover, Orange will continue with its innovation trend and unveil products and services that meet our customers' needs."

Ghossein said that Orange have invested more than Sh4.13 billion in the roll out of their 3G services since 2011, which is part of their aggressive campaign to capture the data market share.

According to the CCK as of March 31, there were 6.49 million Internet subscriptions up from 6.15 million recorded the previous period.

The continued increase in mobile data and Internet subscriptions could be as a result of stiff competition from the operators offering attractive promotional and special offers and competitive tariffs consequently leading to increased uptake of mobile data services and products.

The Orange 42 Mbps modem will retail at Sh9,999 and customers in Nairobi will experience the fast speeds and reliable connections, while other cities across Kenya will have to wait several months before Orange rolls out the product in their region.

“We’ve decided to first launch in the main cities because that’s where the market share is, but after we get the revenues and profits from Nairobi we’ll continue investing everywhere,” Ghossein revealed.

The latest quarterly industry statistics released by industry regulator the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) indicates that Internet penetration rose from 28.7 per cent recorded in the previous quarter to 30.0 per cent during the latest quarter under review.

Compared with the previous quarter, Telkom Kenya is the only operator that recorded growth in the market share of 7.70 percentage points as other operators experienced reductions or minimal growth in the market share by subscription.


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